Feature image for The Good Soldier Chapter 2 Road to Death. Illustrated by svnbrn on Fiver as a freelance commission

The feature image was created by Awangga AKA Svnbrn. You can find more of his work on Fiver via this link. https://www.fiverr.com/svnbrn?source=order_page_user_message_inner_link. I maintain the rights to this image. You may not reuse, distribute, modify or otherwise make use of the image without explicit written permission from Elias Fenic.

The Good Soldier #2 Bridge to Death

The Commander and his elite begin their journey through The Veiled Roads, a realm of eldritch horrors. Will they survive?

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Rise of The Witnesses

Blight of Divinity Book 1
Adult Dark Fantasy Book Rise of The Witnesses. First book in the series Blight of Divinity by Elias Fenic

A dark and thrilling fantasy romance full of adventure, death, action and corrupting darkness.

Betrayal and tragedy have stolen everything from Ayela. Desperate and alone, she must decide between accepting a deal from the notorious God of Death and Desire, or forging her own path for survival. Yet, with each choice she makes, the future grows more uncertain.

As she navigates a world of magic and intrigue, Ayela finds herself drawn to someone she never expected to love. But with her own heart at stake, can she afford to follow her feelings?

Will she emerge from the ashes of her past, or be consumed by the shadows that haunt her?

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